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Global School has been established by Shri Ganesh B.I.S Educational Society. It is an institution that provides unsurpassable standards of didactics to its educatees, moulds their characters, infuses in them the fervour and zeal needed to face the world, "believing that today's youth are tomorrow's leaders".

    Quality education is not just confined to excellence in academics but in nurturing and grooming the fertile minds of the young children into productive and responsible citizens of our country with values and character building. To achieve this, the Principal and all the faculties are trained through a series of workshops.


Global School Aim

The pursuit of excellence encouraged in the Global School rests on the strong belief that every child has within himself to excel. Our aim is to develop the spiritual temper of students by fostering the qualities of integrity, honesty, tolerance, and humanism.


Pre Primary Stage

Pre Primary Classes include Nursery, Junior Kinder Garten & Senior Kinder Garten Classes. The first 3 to 6 years play an important role in shaping a child’s personality. It helps vitalize their physical, emotional, cognitive and social development to win


Primary Stage

The role of the Primary Classes is to prepare its students to move smoothly into the Senior Classes or Secondary Education with full confidence. Global School, New Palam Vihar exceeds the norm which enables them to excel academically and socially.


Middle Stage

Experiential learning is always helpful to our children. It emphasizes on all together brain development. It is therefore introduced in the primary section, continues to flourish in the middle section. As it emphasizes ‘learning by doing’ and discourages rote learning.


Secondary Stage

The secondary section deals with the flexibility and individuation of the student. It aims at how individual students needs to become a learner-centered. There are opportunities created to make a child understand the acquisition of new knowledge and its importance.  


Why Global School

The Global School is teacher-driven. The teachers are powerhouses of information. The management supports the staff in all its endeavors. We also rely on the powerful role of the parents who play in supporting and respecting the endeavors of the school.


Global School organises various programs, activities and competitions so that the students are able to perform important functional activities that support or enable participation in the academic and related social aspects.

      The school ensures the progressive development of innate powers of the child. The management and the staff work relentlessly to achieve the objective of the students' overall development by organising several interactive events.


Birthday Special

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In Global School, we feel that every child is special to us. At the end of each month, we celebrate birthdays of students whose birthday fall in the same month. This way children get an opportunity to greet the special one and they enjoy the cake cutting as well. Present are given to the birthday child.


Fancy Dress Competition

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Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way. We must understand the difference between involvement and indulgence and must give space to child to exhibit creativity. The students spoke confidently on stage and they also enjoy doing it. The colorful dresses added icing on the cake.


English Story Telling Competition

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There are many sources to learn from. One of the most effective sources on them is Story Telling Competition. It’s a fun-filled which is really liked by the children. It was a very enriching experience for the spectators and an enjoyable experience for the participants. It is a very good practice to remove the stage fear.


Yellow Colour Activity

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The students participated in Yellow Color Activity by wearing yellow-colored costumes and handcrafted many items related to the color. Teachers helped small kids to recognize the yellow color and gave them homework to make different things with the use of yellow color. It is always an amazing and fun-loving experience to our kids.


Independence Day Celebration

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Global School celebrated the Independence Day with great enthusiasm, the program started with unfurling of the national flag by Chairman Sir Mr. K.K. Jha. Chairman Sir advised the students to become ideal citizens of the country and develop virtues like honesty, truth, secularism, and spiritualism and inspired them to be better every day. 


Janmashtami Celebrations

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The Krishna Janmotsav was celebrated at Global School. Students of Classes Nursery & KG  reported to School dressed as ‘Krishna’ & ‘Radha’ and created a colorful ambiance. Dance performance by students won the hearts of onlookers. Blessings were showered on little Kanha & Radha in Shri Krishna Puja by the Principal, Director, and staff members.


Annual Function

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Through the dazzle of vibrant music, well-synchronized dances, the burst of colors and highly coordinated movements, the tone and mood of the Annual Function at Global School were set. It was a day to remember and to celebrate our legacy, history and deep-rooted value system that binds us as one people in this conflict-ridden world.


Ravi Kumar

Global School has been our mentor. The qualities that are vital to us are reflected in the school family. We are honored to have a place in the Global School.


Rohit shukla

I have been a student at Global School for three school years and from what I have experienced, I can tell you it is a great school. The teachers are very good and approachable.


Ankit kumar

The staff is excellent and the rules help keep the school safe and in order. There is an equal balance of learning and reviewing that's why it is the best school in new palam vihar.



During my stay at the school I developed good relationships with staff and students. I highly recommend Global School to all who are looking for quality education.