The curriculum is based on the National Education Policy of Government of India (NEP 2020). The school provides an age-appropriate enriched curriculum, wherein learning becomes a joyful experience. Classroom experiences are designed to encourage curiosity, self-expression, joy and aesthetic sensibility. The guiding principles are to correlate learning with life outside the school and to ensure that there is a shift from rote learning to a deeper understanding of concepts.

The school curricular and pedagogy  aim for holistic development of learners by equipping them with the modern skills, reduction in curricular content to enhance essential learning and critical thinking and greater focus on experiential learning.

Our curriculum framing is done at the keeping the age groups of our students in the mind.

  • Foundational Stage: The fundamental stage of laying the foundation that is further stratified into two parts, that is, 3 years of Pre-school (Nursery, Junior KG & Senior KG)  + 2 years in Primary school in Classes 1 & 2. This essentially covers children between 3 and 8 years. The focus will be on activity-based learning.
  • Preparatory Stage: Covering students of class 3-5, and in the age bracket, 8–10 years. Students will be steadily exposed to the fundamental learning aspects of speaking, reading, writing, physical education, art, science, languages and mathematics.
  • Middle Stage: This stage covers students of classes 6 to 8, in the age group of 11 and 13 years. It will introduce students to more abstract concepts in mathematics, sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities.
  • Secondary Stage: Classes 9 to 12, covering the ages of 14–18 years. It is subclassified into two parts: classes 9 and 10, covering the first phase, while classes 11 and 12, covering the second phase. These 4 years of study is intended to inculcate multidisciplinary learning, driven by depth and critical thinking. This provides for multiple options of subjects.

Work Experience

Work Experience is one of the most significant areas where we ensure that our students implement their knowledge in practical form. The Global School celebrates Knowledge Fest, Science Exhibition, Math Exhibition, Annual Day Function / Annual Sports Day where our students display their skill by live activities / modals. Work-centred education as an integrated part of the school curriculum.

Our Earth – Our Responsibility

Rallies, street plays, poster and slogan-writing competitions, and so on create awareness about the responsibility of each individual to protect the planet and its environment. ‘Earth Day / Van Mahotsav’ is responsibility that students take very seriously. Projects, models, and innovative ideas to save resources find ample display on school premises. The Eco Club organises activities to support this mission.

Spirit of Share and Care

Our students are groomed to serve the community. They celebrate festivals, birthdays and other occasions together. Through community outreach programmes, students are encouraged to  participate in various social initiatives such as joy of giving, road safety, anti-road rage and cleanliness campaigns from time to time.

Diversity Instills Unity

Respect for all learners creates a harmonious environment in the school wherein students from all strata of society form a homogenous group. Cultures, traditions, and different religions are embraced with equanimity.