Dear Children, Teachers, Members of the Staff, and Parents, Wish you a very happy republic day.

On the occasion of 72nd Republic Day, let us pledge to take part in nation building in our own unique ways.  

Schools are hubs of social activities and human interaction. Prolonged school closures are presenting an unprecedented challenge to children’s education, health and well being. Many children miss out social contact which is essential for learning and development.  

We, at the Global School, stood by resilience and technology upgradation to find new ways to reach out to our students and engage them in meaningful ways.

The hindrance of physically meeting of students did not stop us by effective utilisation of technology like Zoom and Google classes. These new technologies enabled us to conduct regular classes and various online activities.

We have ensured that the parents are also involved in their child’s progress by organising virtual parent-teacher conferences. Today, every house is a school and every parent is a teacher.  

Dear Students, we look forward to see you in school as soon as possible. We are also exited to educate you when formal education starts. For the time being, use the lockdown period fruitfully to bring out the best out of you and focus on your learning and writing skills. Remember, your final exam is coming soon.

Respected Teachers, I am in lack of word to praise your talents and efforts. Your standard of teaching and education management during this lockdown period have been beyond my expectations. Lot of thanks to everyone.


Jai Hind