Gym Session for the Brain ..!!!   

We need to keep the brain fit and healthy like any other muscle in our body. Puzzles and brain teasers force our mind to exercise in a different way to regular learning. Brain teaser usually requires out of the box thinking.  It stimulates our cognitive ability and also help focus by making us concentrate on one task at a time. This can help us with anxiety and stress too. We all played memory games to begin our journey of learning and information retention. Teachers uses them in primary classes like join the dots , Rubik cubes and Maths twisters to teenagers which add as an element of fun while sharpening the student’s mind too. Brain teasers offer a lot of benefits.  Attempting a few brain teasers regularly helps in improving problem solving skills, memory and ability to learn. Puzzles are the challenge that invites children to think actively about all the ways in which they can solve them.  It also makes us creative because we need to think to solve most of the puzzles and brain teasers, we will need to find creative solutions to the puzzles. So, keep puzzling and keep teasing your brain, it will help you in almost every area of your life.!!