The year 2020 had given many challenges and new avenues simultaneously to the educational sector.

Global School, New Palam Vihar, Gurugram stood by our resilience and technology upgradation to find new ways to reach out to our students, engage them in meaningful ways and also continuously upgrade their knowledge through virtual media.
The hindrance of physically meeting of students did not stop us by effective utilisation of technology like Zoom and Google classes where not only regular classes are conducted but also frequent student engagement activities like online science exhibition, poem writing competition, Drawing competition, Maths marathon, etc. has been successfully conducted as well.
It was also made sure that the parents were involved speedup their child’s progress by organising virtual parent-teacher conferences.
Special opportunities were created for the children to showcase their talent by creating innovative projects and posting them on YouTube for the presentation to the student community worldwide.
Global School. New Palam Vihar, one of the best school in Gurgaon has not stopped pace of educating and nurturing it’s student due to pandemic . Rather special efforts were put up for all round education and co-curricular activities designed to cater each student individually.