This is an era of ‘Online
Teaching’. The COVID-19 pandemic is a huge challenge to education systems. Many
governments have ordered institutions for online teaching and virtual
education. But while the pandemic has diluted a bit scratch the surface, it arose
a question in the mind of every parent, “Which one is the best option for my
child at low fee structure with all kind of learning facilities?”.  

Global School, New Palam Vihar, one
of the best school in Gurgaon understands your needs, hence it is trying its
best to meet your desire with the help of our talented and experienced

Our students are facilitated
with :-

(a)         Personal attention with affection by our skilled & experienced staff members to                 understand their special need for learning.

(b)        Extra curricular activities such as English & Hindi Elocution to enhance their  

                 reading habits.

(c)        Writing Competition to improve their imagination power and ability to expose their

            views and ideas.

(d)        Science experiments to make them understand the logics of facts.

(e)         Math Quiz to enhance their problem solving capability.

(f)           New technological teaching aids and excellent teaching remedies.

(g)          Regular tests to identify the difficulties of a particular child.

(h)          Provision of opportunities to upgrade their knowledge.


In short, the Global School helps for all round development of every child to produce a commendable product for our nation.


Global School, New Palam Vihar, Gurugram Mob. 9350533633